From Egon Fürstenberg to EGONOVO

The story we are about to tell is long for hundreds of years and we have to travel to the 18th century. At the time Krivoklatsko was a place of princes of Fürstenberg, one of the oldest aristocratic families in Europe. The lived, worked and build here. Building is an important part for us. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

In the year of 1733, the Krivoklat manor had been given to the family of Fürstenberg by the marriage of Josef Vilém Fürstenberg with the heiress of Krivoklatsko Marie Anna Valdštejn. If they would not come to Krivoklat, the castle would probably not be standing anymore. Huge fire damaged the castle in August of 1826. The fire lasted just a few hours, but it took almost one hunter years before the Fürstenberg family finished the renovations. Famous architects of Prague castle helped them as well: Josef Mocker and Kamil Hilbert. In the year of 1929 Maximilián Egon III. Fürstenberg gave a major part of the land to the Czechoslovak state (10 years before that, Maximilián Egon I. sold the Lany castle, that later happened to bet the summer palace of president T.G.Masaryk). It was the Maximilián Egon I., who gave the name to our project EGONOVO. The house with history that start in 1854 was built by him.

Forests, fields, and farming

The time of Fürstenberg ruling in Krivoklatko gave a lot for this area. The aristocrat family managed forests, fields, they were developing industry and they were establishing new farms and villages. Fürstenberg and Krivoklatsko are linked forever. They cared about development for the whole area and about the wellbeing of locals. In the second half of the 19th century, Egonovo house was built, first to be a police station. But that is only the start.

From police station to the hospital 

On the original plans from 1854, the building is very simple – one story house with hallway, room for the policemen a room for the commanding officer and basic facilities- kitchen, storage room, and toilet.

The house number 39 was functional as a police station only a few years. In 1869 the local municipality decided that District Hospital of Krivoklatsko will be created. The main person in charge of founding the right place for it was Max Egon Fürstenberk I. and one of the main investor was his wife – Leontyna, that gifted jewelry and other items to the lottery. The lottery profit together with donations of local farmers and businessmen allowed that in October of 1872 the hospital with 14 beds was opened. The prince, Max Egon Fürstenberk I. gave the house for free and very modest hospital started to provide the needed help to the poor from wide surroundings. Altogether it is estimated the hospital was helping the 7500 inhabitants from the area of 152 square kilometers.

We have a lot of records from the 19th century that shows us how many people were treated and how. In the inventory book from 1871 can be found that the hospital did not own much. Fourteen tinned plates, fifteen sponges, seven towels… no luxurious place, but a crucial place for the poorest ones.

The Republic and the end of the hospital

After the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918, all the property of all the aristocrat families had been transferred to the state and the same destiny happened to the house of Max Egon III. In 1926 the house was bought by the family of Dolejš. Alfréd Dolejš had been a director of manor offices at the time. The time from the establishment of the republic and up to 70s are preserved in our archives in the memory of Věra Noskova, granddaughter of Alfred, who was born in the house in 1923, then she moved to Prague and EGONOVO house was visited by her and the family in the summer.

The time after the war

According to the memories of Věra, the Dolejš Family was quite successful in Krivoklatsko – they owned several stores, winery, and tobacco storehouse. Her grand-grandfather used to be the mayor of the city for 25 years. The family managed to preserve the house throughout WWII and they were able to visit the house again in the 70s and 80s. „We were coming to Krivoklat, investing in the water system, plumbing, garage…I close the story of my life, that has been pretty happy, I had a kind and smart man that I loved to be with.“ Those are the memories of Vera Noskova from the 1980s. The family had taken care of the house for decades and they are the reason why the spirit of the house never gotten away.

The house survived many decades. There were thousands of people inside, patients of the hospital, their doctors or nurses. EGONOVO house was never fully rebuilt and until today we have very well preserved ceiling, main door, and windows. The garden, just a few steps away of local church and pond is in full bloom every spring. The time hasn’t stopped here.


Gabriela Frühaufová bought the house from the family and the project of EGONOVO is started. The new owner is a frequent visitor of Krivoklatsko since her childhood and it is a very important place for her. „Since I was a kid the house got my attention. When we were walking by, I was always amazed by it. Then I seen in the real estate catalog and I could not believe it.“ What will the EGONOVO project bring? For how long will the history of the house continue? Those are the questions we will have answers to, just in few months.